Kristine Blackwood, 
public policy Committee

Kristine Blackwood brings multi-dimensional expertise and experience to advance clients' health care policy goals and solve complex challenges, drawing on her experience in leadership positions at the US Department of Health and Human Services, the US Department of Justice, and House and Senate Committees with healthcare jurisdiction, as well as her private sector experience. She devises and implements comprehensive advocacy campaigns to advance legislative and regulatory goals on Capitol Hill and with the Executive Branch, builds health care clients' allies, corporate profiles and footprints to reach key opinion leaders in Washington.


During the COVID-19 crisis, Kristine's ability to solve problems under pressure has been invaluable in securing urgently needed federal assistance for her clients. Her insider's understanding of the federal government's emergency preparedness capabilities, public health programs and critical infrastructure, combined with her leadership positions at HHS, both chambers of Congress, and political insight, offer clients a unique combination of crucial talents during this public health emergency.


As Congress launches oversight of multi-trillion-dollar relief packages, Kristine's experience as National Health Care Fraud Coordinator for all US Attorneys' offices, investigative counsel in the House and Senate, legislative advisor at DOJ and HHS and Assistant US Attorney positions her well to advise health care organizations and other businesses as potential subjects of Congressional scrutiny.


Kristine served as Deputy Director for Congressional Oversight and Investigations in the Office of the Secretary for Health and Human Services, where she was responsible for developing strategic responses to Congressional oversight and investigations on Affordable Care Act implementation; public health agencies' preparedness for disease outbreaks and malicious attacks; the FDA's food, drug and device approval programs; procurement policy; care and placement of unaccompanied children; and other HHS programs. Prior to that, she served as Chief Counsel for the Senate Special Committee on Aging, and Investigative Counsel at the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, focusing on health care issues. Kristine also spent over twelve years as a career professional with the DOJ, serving as Attorney-Advisor in DOJ's Office of Legislative Affairs; National Healthcare Fraud Coordinator for the nation's 94 US Attorneys' Offices; and before that, as an Assistant US Attorney for the Central District of California investigating and prosecuting complex health care fraud cases.