Khadijah Tribble, co-Chairwoman Diversity & Social Equity Committee

Khadijah Tribble is one of the most respected experts on equity and inclusion in the cannabis industry. As a credible and forward-thinking founder and activist, she advises cannabis investors, government regulators, entrepreneurs and main-stream businesses. Known as a committed advocate for fair and equitable policies for the betterment of veterans, LGBTQ, POC and individuals from marginalized communities, Khadijah has been on the forefront of interrupting systems for more than two decades.

She is a savvy strategist and a dynamic leader known for her inspiring and passionate style. Whether giving Tedx talks or leading panel discussions, she empowers through educating everyone from the corporate boardroom to the operating rooms- that marijuana matters. Prior to the mainstream discussion of cannabis, she took a huge risk to her reputation and brand by creating Marijuana Matters (M2), a cannabis education and advocacy incubator. M2 was created while Khadijah was a Cheng Fellow at the Social Innovation and Change Initiative.

Khadijah has served on many boards and advisory groups, including Women in the Life Association, CTF Diversity and Inclusion Taskforce, Human Rights Campaign’s Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Board, Not for Profit Hospital (United Medical Center) Board of Directors, National LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce Supplier Diversity Committee and the Community Wellness Collective.

Recognizing the need for trustworthy and experienced equity and inclusion diversity consultants in the cannabis industry, Khadijah has combined her knowledge of cannabis ecosystem with expertise in the diversity and inclusion field to create the Marijuana Policy Trust (MPT). MPT provides expertise in developing, managing and leading programs designed to foster productive outcomes that lead to an inclusive and diverse cannabis industry.