Eric Berlin, General Counsel

Eric Berlin is one of the nation’s leading cannabis law authorities, advocating full-time for clients in, or impacted by, the state-legal cannabis industries and tensions with federal law. With more than two decades of courtroom and jury trial experience in high-stakes matters, Eric is ideally suited to counsel companies in this fast-growing industry on how best to achieve their business objectives while avoiding the legal risks of operating in a rapidly evolving regulatory environment brimming with tension between federal and state law.


Current clients include large publicly traded companies selling products or services into the cannabis industry, companies involved in financing the industry, vaporizer manufacturers, health care institutions, testing labs, cultivators, processors, and a company operating dispensaries in several states. Eric is a member of the Health Care group and works with colleagues in other practices to provide counseling and compliance advice on numerous other laws applicable to these evolving businesses, from laws governing the employment relationship to laws protecting intellectual property rights. Eric also counsels clients on risk management and litigation avoidance, and provides legal assistance in all types of commercial and corporate transactions.

Eric has also provided government advocacy services at the state level. He worked with members of the Illinois and Ohio legislatures to draft and get passed bills creating medical marijuana dispensaries. He has represented large, publicly traded companies that sell products or services to the cannabis industry, companies involved in financing the industry, vaporizer manufacturers, testing labs, cultivators and processors, and dispensary operators.


Additionally, Eric has also represented non-cannabis industry clients in high-profile health care and antitrust litigations. Some of his successes include a trial in a $2.3 billion Sherman Act and Robinson-Patman Act case; a False Claims Act case against major pharmacies; a bundling antitrust case against a large medical distributor; an international arbitration between agricultural companies; and appeals in the US Courts of Appeals for the Sixth, Seventh, Ninth and Tenth Circuits.

Eric currently serves as president of board of directors for the University of Chicago GI Research Foundation and a director for the Better Government Association in Chicago.