Dr. Reggie Gaudino, Science & regulatory affairs Committee

Dr. Reggie Gaudino is a molecular geneticist focused on biochemical networks in plant phytochemistry. After finishing his PhD in molecular genetics at the University of Buffalo in New York, investigating the biochemistry of transcription initiation and termination in E.coli, he started his postdoc at Washington University in St. Louis investigating control of gene expression, including showing specific Cytokinin responsive RNA Polymerase I transcription initiation in isolated A.thaliana nuclei.  


During a particularly austere funding period in the mid-nineties Dr. Gaudino, pursued a legal path to incorporate biotechnology with intellectual property - having been involved in many incarnations of recombinant DNA technologies, DNA sequencing, RNA analysis, in vitro promoter analysis and codon optimization for reporter gene systems in organisms ranging from bacteria to plants. Dr. Gaudino spent the next 22 years working as a patent scientist or Patent Agent with a number of national law firms, and was the Lead Scientist on the Litigation support team in an early, highly publicized, plant biotechnology patent litigation.  


Dr. Gaudino reentered the scientific arena armed with a deep understanding of intellectual property and commercial laboratory testing methodology by joining the first and at one time largest commercial Cannabis testing lab in the US and likely the world, Steep Hill, Inc. At Steep Hill, Dr. Gaudino assembled a team of scientists that went on to introduce in 2015 the first DNA based diagnostic assay for Cannabis under the Genkit name, Genkit-SexID. This first test was followed a year later with the first DNA based diagnostic for high CBD producing varieties.  


Now at Front Range Biosciences as the VP of Research and Development and Director of IP, Dr. Gaudino manages a team that has included as many as 20 scientists, field agronomists, breeders, and growers that carry out sophisticated breeding programs for hemp and cannabis, directed by multidisciplinary scientific support. 


Additionally, Dr. Gaudino and his team have contributed to the general body of knowledge for this under-studied model organism, through several peer-reviewed scientific publications.  Dr. Gaudino’s role as a scientific leader at Front Range Bioscience includes programs expressing Cannabis genes in yeast and insect cell lines, performing in vitro gene expression with purified recombinant proteins to study gene function of closely related but functionally different genes, chemotype and phenotype analysis of the germplasm in many disparate breeding programs and developing IP support and protection for any plant or processes that are created through the various programs for which he has oversight.