& Business


All members are automatically part of the Corporate & Business Committee, where they will have a voice in shaping federal regulations; establish close relationships with federal regulators and their advisors; network and collaborate among members; receive multidiscipline intelligence reports; and be informed by the work of the other committees.


This committee is chaired by

Bruce Linton, CEO of

Collective Growth.



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The Public Policy Committee members will be primarily responsible for interacting with legislators and regulators and formulating policy recommendations for CFCR. The Public Policy professionals from committee-level members are eligible to participate on this committee.


This committee is chaired by

Charlie Black, Chair of Prime Policy, and Kristine Blackwood,

Counsel at Arnold & Porter.

Science & Regulatory Affairs CommitteE

The Scientific & Regulatory Affairs Committee will develop new tools and more technologically advanced scientific frameworks that meet FDA safety and efficacy requirements and, in addition, assist industry and the FDA in achieving the regulatory clarity that is required for cannabis products to go mainstream. 


This committee is chaired by Vicki Seyfert-Margolis, former FDA leader and CEO of MyOwnMed, Pelin Thorogood, Trustee of University of California and CEO of Wholistic Health, and Rhona Applebaum, former Chief Science Officer The Coca Cola Company and Principal at FairHaven451.

DEI & Access
to Capital Committee

The DEI & Access to Capital Committee will provide the cannabis industry guidance on diversity and social equity programs that have been adopted by Fortune 1000 companies, and champion the adoption of regulations that assist those hurt by prior drug laws. In addition, it will seek to educate the business community about the disparate impact of prior drug laws on minorities and the poor. Human Resources and diversity professionals from committee level members are eligible to participate on this committee.

This committee is chaired by Khadijah Tribble, Vice President at Curaleaf and Wanda L. James, CEO

of SimplyPure.