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US Council for Federal Cannabis Regulation (CFCR) is a 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) no

profit that serves as a forum in which stakeholders – both from the federal government and industry – can analyze and support the creation of informed, intelligible, and inclusive federal laws and regulations to govern the cannabis industry. CFCR exists to educate, advocate, and communicate with businesses and the US Government. CFCR

may grant the use of the brand, logo, and voice in any way it sees fit.  All parties are subjects to and conditioned to the following User Policy as set forth below.

1. NAME.

In official usage, the CFCR's name shall be designated as:  "The Council for Federal Cannabis Regulation".


Users of CFCR’s set logos/brand agree and acknowledge that the logos/brand are the sole and exclusive property of CFCR. Use of one or more of the logos/brand shall constitute consideration for, agreement to, and acceptance of the following terms and conditions. Use of the logos/brand is permitted only pursuant to the terms and conditions of this limited and revocable license, and any other written agreement which terms apply to such use. Any failure by a User of the logos/brand to comply with the terms and conditions contained herein may result in the immediate revocation of this use.


The logos/brand must be used in a professional manner, as set forth more specifically below. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the logos/brand may not be used in a manner that, in the sole discretion of CFCR: discredits the CFCR or tarnishes its reputation and goodwill; is false or misleading; violates the rights of others; violates any law, regulation or other public policy; or mischaracterizes the relationship between the CFCR and the User, including but not limited to any use of the logos/brand that might reasonably be construed as an endorsement, approval, sponsorship, or certification by the CFCR of the User, the User's business or organization, or the User's products or services or that might be reasonably construed as support or encouragement to purchase or utilize the User's products or services. CFCR, in general, does not object if Users self-represent that their products or services meet or comply with CFCR’s standards by referencing the specific designation(s)(and, where possible, the title of the relevant standard) so long as CFCR Logos do not appear in connection with such representation and there is no suggestion the CFCR approves or agrees with the representation, or certified the product or services (unless, again, the User is a participant in a CFCR Program).




CFCR permits, only as set forth below, the use of its "Council for Federal Cannabis Regulation" and "CFCR" trademarked Logos "as is" and makes no warranties, representations or statements, express or implied, with respect to these Logos. The Logos may not be used to disparage CFCR or its members. CFCR will not be responsible for any loss or damages of any kind whatsoever sustained by any party, however, caused, in regards to the use of the Logos. Use of the CFCR 's Logos is subject to and conditioned upon Users' acceptance of this Policy. Users may scale/resize the Logos to suit their needs, but may not change color or design or alter the graphics in any way and may not combine with any other graphic. In every use, the integrity of the Logo must be preserved.


A. Linking to CFCR’s Homepage.


(i) Users may, without written permission, use the Logo to denote an electronic link to the CFCR website —, or its subpages. Links from websites that, in CFCR's sole discretion, could be construed as distasteful or offensive, obscene, defamatory, libelous, misleading, or which are being used for illegal purposes are not permitted.


(ii) Any link established must transfer the viewer directly to the CFCR's website, to enable viewing of the site as posted by CFCR, without the imposition of any frames, browser windows, or third-party content.

(iii) Use of the Logo, or linking to the CFCR website, is at the User's sole risk and must comply with CFCR's Website Link Policy. CFCR provides this access "as is" and disclaims any warranties, express or implied (including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose).

B. To Denote Membership in CFCR. All members in good standing of the CFCR may, without written permission, use the Logos on their website, business card or letterhead to denote membership in the CFCR, provided the word "member" appears in the Logo as shown in Attachments A and B.

C. Use of Logos by the Media. Accredited news media, upon request to CFCR, may be permitted to use the Logos in articles and materials about CFCR, its members, standards, services, and mission, solely for the purposes of referring to CFCR. CFCR, in its sole discretion, may deny such use.

D. Co-Sponsored Events and Publications. Events, webinars, seminars, publications, etc., which are co-sponsored by CFCR, may use the Logos on their website and printed materials in conformity with the terms and conditions of this Policy. Any such materials or Logo use must be approved in advance by CFCR.

E. Termination. Upon notice by CFCR, Users agree to immediately cease any and all further use of the Logos.


E. No person shall use the CFCR or any portion thereof in connection with any product or service, or represent or imply in any way that a product or service has been certified or approved by CFCR, unless CFCR has confirmed, in writing, that the product or service is certified.


A. Members of CFCR committees, sub-committees, and task groups must exercise care and good judgment in the use of CFCR letterheads, envelopes, and official titles/designations.

B. CFCR letterhead, envelopes, and titles may only be used for CFCR business and purposes, not for personal business.

C. A letter (including electronic communications such as email) written on CFCR stationary or for official CFCR purposes should not contain personal comments and/or opinions of the writer. If unavoidable, the letter must clearly distinguish personal comments and opinions from official positions of CFCR based on CFCR's mission, policies, rules, and regulations.

D. Officers of CFCR committees, sub-committees, and task groups must refrain from using official CFCR titles when expressing personal views or comments.

E. Email Sarah Chase for approval: email here.


A. Use of CFCR's Logos/Brand shall create no rights for Users in the Logos/Brand (including the Logos) or their use beyond the terms and conditions of the limited and revocable license set forth in this Policy or any written agreement relating to such use. The Logos/Brand shall remain at all times the sole and exclusive intellectual property of CFCR International. CFCR shall have the right, from time to time, to request samples of use of the Logos from which it may determine compliance with these terms and conditions. Without further notice, CFCR reserves the right to prohibit use of the Logos/Brand/Logos if it determines, in its sole discretion, that a User's usage, whether willful or negligent, is not in strict compliance with this Policy, otherwise is not in the best interest of CFCR, the User is not a CFCR member in good standing or for any reason whatsoever.

B. CFCR reserves the right to alter, amend or terminate this Policy at any time and without notice to the User. The User agrees to abide by any such changes or amendments.

C. Use of the Logos/Brand/Logos does not imply approval or endorsement by CFCR of any individual, company, products or services unless the User is a Participant in a CFCR Certification Program.

D. The interpretation and enforcement of the terms and conditions herein, and any compliance therewith, shall be made by CFCR in its sole discretion. Otherwise, this license is governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the District of Columbia. Users agree to jurisdiction and venue in the District of Columbia.  state and federal courts. User agrees that any breach by it of the terms and conditions herein entitles CFCR to an injunction (and possible damages) against the User.


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